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Do you have a problem with your bra riding up your back, bulging under the arm, causing your breasts to sag, shoulder straps to slip down or any form of discomfort?

We will solve all these and other problems with a well-fitted bra…

1. “Why do my straps fall off my shoulders?”

There are two reasons that this may happen. The first is that you could have sloping shoulders; the second could be that the style of bra is not suitable for you. On a well-designed bra, the shoulder straps are positioned closer to the centre of the shoulders so that they are less likely to slip off. If your shoulders are significantly sloped then we can also provide a product that will prevent the straps from slipping and prevent irritation.

2. “Why do my breasts fall out of the bottom of the bra?”

The cup size is too small and cannot accommodate the entire breast. A properly fitted cup will contain the breast properly and prevent unsightly ‘overspill’ from the bra.

3. “How do I know if I’m wearing the correct size?”

The correct size bra will be comfortable all day long. You will not need to be fiddling with it constantly once you have put it on.

4. “Why does the bra ride up my back?”

The back size of the bra (34, 36, 38 etc.) is too big. This causes the back of the bra to ride up instead of sitting properly. This also means that the bra is not giving the proper support as most support from a bra comes from the back, not the shoulder straps. Having the correct sized bra prevents this from happening.

5. “Why do the bra straps cause welts in my shoulder?”

A well-made bra supports the breast around the rib cage and not purely with the shoulder straps. A completely elasticized shoulder strap is more likely to dig into the shoulders and cause welts. The heavier the breast, the more weight will be held on the shoulders with a badly fitted bra. We provide both elasticated straps and also wider, padded straps that will make the shoulder more comfortable. With a bra that fits the back and rib cage properly, the pressure on the shoulders will be lessened and prevent welts or indentations.

6. “Why should I wear a bra with an underwire?”

The underwire of a bra gives separation and forms the breast; both underwire and non-underwire bras can give the same support if fitted properly. If a bra is well-designed and properly fitted, a non-underwire bra can provide the same benefits as an underwired bra.

7. “Why do my breasts bulge out of the top of the cup?”

The cup size is too small. This means that the bra cannot contain the full breast and will cause bulging from either the top, sides, or underneath of the cup. A properly fitted cup will prevent this from happening and fully contain the breast without unsightly bulging.

8. “Why does the bra pucker on the cup?”

The cup size is too big. If the cup size of a bra is too big for the breast, puckering of the cup will occur due to the cup not being ‘filled’ entirely with the breast. This may also cause a gap between the breast and the bra. A properly fitted bra will always contain the breast without bulging or puckering of the cup.

9. “What are the benefits of wearing a sports bra?”

When exercising, there is an increased risk of ligament and/or skin damage to the breast. Wearing a badly fitted sports bra, or no sports bra at all, means that the breasts are not fully supported and can cause pain and discomfort. A properly fitted sports bra will ensure minimum movement (or ‘bounce’), and ensure no damage to the ligaments in the breast will occur. The main problem that can arise from ligament damage to the breast is premature sagging or drooping of the breast. Regardless of the intensity of an exercise, a sports bra should always be worn. We provide sports bras ranging from light intensity to heavy intensity to ensure proper support.